About Pete and Retrain Pain

Nobody should live their life in pain

Reliant on medication

Anxious about when the next flare up will be.

Avoiding things you love to do

Worrying about how much time off you have taken.

Concerned about how you are going to get your children to school

Fearing about how to pay the mortgage because you are struggling to earn.

I was sick of being pushed pillar to post, trying out multiple non-surgical treatments to alleviate my aches and pains. 

None of them worked and if anything left me in a worse position than where I started.


I felt like the answers I was being given were the wrong ones. I had to try something different to what was being offered.

Having trained as an electronics engineer in the Army my transition to therapist has been long and challenging. However, the two now marry up very neatly.

Your body does not know what your muscle is called - it could know your Abs as "Dave" - your body understands electrical messages. This is what makes my prior learning invaluable in helping you to get the fastest results possible.

Learning how to help your body to repair as fast as possible, remove pain and get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible is my goal.

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