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Retrain Pain - Peter Houchin

My only goal is to help you live a more for-filling life enjoying family time, exercise, play, socialising. 

Get back to having FUN rather than PAIN.

At Retrain Pain, we are here to make sure that you do, as fast as possible.

Who do we cater for?

Runners with legs, Cyclists with arms, Swimmers with bodies, gymnasts with nowhere else to turn and You who's been up and down every road looking for answers and finding none.

Do you want a therapist that can:

  • Treat you without causing further pain.

  • Find the source of pain.

  • Assess your whole body as one thing

  • Give immediate and long lasting results.

  • Give non-intrusive treatments

  • Who can come to you

  • Be wherever you are - online

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Find me at total balance clinic, or I can come to you when you book here

What is it?

Applied Movement Neurology - a method of assessing bioelectrical charge related to injury, pain or performance.

Letting your body heal itself by re-connecting faulty wiring.

I'd by lying if i said it was totally pain free. However, the method is generally very gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Not much, just turn up, fully dressed - preferably in something comfortable or gym wear. Stay fully clothed.

How Does it work?

Does it hurt?

What do you

need to do?