Great Health Starts With Sleep - let me show you how.

Improve your Sleep and Energy in less than 7 days

Go from tired all day and constant "pick me ups" to natural Energy, Calm, Focus and improved Life performance

If you have bad sleep, consistently, for months, weeks and even years then you could be on your way to the Dr for more serious things than sniffles or a bit of back pain.

I was a chronic bad sleeper - I thought I was doing ok - I slept the right amount most nights

But I was waking up tired, snoozing the alarms, yawning all day, struggling to think, focus, concentrate and succeed.

My moods were up and down like a yo-yo and I was reliant on caffeine and food to balance me out.


I was failing at work, miserable, grumpy and I lived for the weekend.

There was probably more going on than just sleep issues but they were key in fixing the problems.

I struggled to fall asleep and I even used to resort to having large amounts of sugary food late in the evening because I knew that I'd have a sugar crash and drop off.

If I hadn't been in the Army and keeping myself fit regularly I'm fairly certain my weight would have ballooned and my health be significantly worse.

Sleeping Kitten

What you'll Get in the Course

  • You'll get the up-to-date science of sleep so that you're armed with the knowledge and reasons to really focus on making this change.

  • Find out what the causes of poor sleep are and WHY it's so important, not just for your Energy but for your entire Health and Longevity.

  • How this effects your hormones, neurotransmitters, mood and even digestion.


    I'll show you how to change your life so that you can easily make sleep a priority - and you'll want to, even if you are busy, want to make sleep one of your number 1 things to do in your day once you've heard what I'll share with you.

  • The almost magical places to touch (no jokes please we're British) that will set your body clock to wherever you are in the world.......NO MORE JET LAG!!

  • Want to get promoted or make more money in business?
    sleep is the time that your Brain cleans up, creates new memories, learns - if bad sleep is regular then that's going to affect how you think, act, behave, feel and your chances get smaller.


  • How to use auto-suggestion to make the progress faster and using optimal times of day to do that - not only useful for sleep but for any new habit you want to create

  • The importance of digestion in Sleep, you'll never think about food and nutrition the same again!

  • 3 Live calls where you can ask Pete anything (health or sleep related) - first one Sunday, Second one Wednesday evening, final one Saturday/Sunday