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Are you looking for something different? Do you find the gym boring? Do you feel like the classes that are on offer are not right for you.

I disagree with the methods taught by most personal trainers and fitness classes, limited by equipment, imagination and passion.

The vast majority of exercise is taught in a very linear way - forwards, backwards, left and right, up and down.

This is not how your body is supposed to work. No wonder we are a nation of aches pains and joint problems. We never work our bodies in the way that they were designed to be moved.

Joints do more than just bend, they rotate. Spines are flexible, muscles are strong, your body is durable.

For too long we are limiting ourselves by machines or equipment and ideas that take us in only one direction and do nothing to stimulate our body in the way that it should be. Stuck behind a desk, sitting for the majority of our days has left us immobile and immobilised. Tight muscles, sore aching joints, a body that is scared to do anything but what is most basic.

My personal goal for health is to be as fit as I am now in my 80's. That includes running marathons, cartwheels and pull ups. Create and keep a high level of strength, agility, mobility, joint health, gut health, brain health.

Exercise is a key component of that but not in the way that you know it.

Join me to learn more about what is really possible with your body, regain control of your joints, decrease pain, increase strength and performance.

There is no name for this method. It doesn't need one. The key is that it IS infinitely variable, keeping your body moving in new and different ways in a controlled way is THE way to maintain full body health.

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****Currently looking for locations, indoors, large mat area, parking and changing facilities (optional) in St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead or Redbourn ****

Looking to start in May 2019 - Prices TBC - classes 2 -3 times per week, 45 minutes, early am and/or morning

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