Peter Houchin - Founder of Retrain Pain

I Treat Chronic Pain, You get your life back

Pain Free



Find the Solutions You've Been Searching For

Peter Houchin - Founder of Retrain Pain

I Treat Chronic Pain, You get your life back

Pain Free



Find the Solutions You've Been Searching For

Pain Free For Life Lays out the key strategies combined with world class treatment that will help you get back to your best.

  • I will teach you the key techniques that take minutes, if not seconds, that anybody can do for themselves even if they are long term, with no side effects

  • There are no expensive supplements to buy and take that often don't work.

  • It's done for you as much as I possibly can, what you do in your own time, with the tools that you'll have available, are enhancements.

  • I can guide you to the most important tools that you can use at whatever point you are on your journey.

  • The strategies are universal, everyone will benefit from each of the tools within the group, it's your choice which to try first, I can direct you to what would be most suitable at each step of your journey.

  • Putting up with Pain just because it's been like that for years doesn't cut it, in fact that sucks

What would your Life be like if you could get out of bed in the morning without worrying how you'll make it through the day?

How often do you come out of the Doctors Office knowing less about your health than when you walked in? 

Forgetting what you wanted to ask them, having a new diagnosis and more pills that you don't want to take.




This all comes from having a lifetime of out of date information, it's not your fault that what you've been told is often not quite right.

Which Brings Me to The Program...

The Reason this all exists was down to my own chronic pain - from age 8 or so I'd had injury after injury from sports, this ended up with Achilles Tendonitis and an end of my Army Career.

What it taught me:

1. traditional methods relied on loads of rehab work and/or medication.

2. if it wasn't fixed with rehab or medication then they were running out of options fast.

3. scans often tell us very little about our overall health.

4. looking for your own answers is time consuming, confusing and potentially expensive - I've spent thousands learning a lot of the right stuff and some of the wrong stuff, and thousands of hours over years (I've loved every minute of that)

5. Not being able to do things I love easily takes a huge amount of Energy, Effort and has consequences in the days that follow.

Life doesn't have to be that way, it can change, it can get better - easier, faster and better than you could expect - some work required

Guaranteed Results
(Value £Priceless)

Follow the advice and join in with the weekly treatments on a regular basis you will see results within weeks and more complete results within the year. I'll even refund you if you don't see huge changes

Weekly Treatments
(Value £3,840)

Join the live call or catch up the recording every week, it lasts roughly an hour. I'll be delivering treatments personally and it's a perfect opportunity to get some specific advice.

1-1 Treatment
(Value £480)

Your opportunity to really get into some of the nitty gritty and get specific treatment for your exact set of issues. No person is the same as the other, no condition is exactly the same. 

Nutrition Coaching

(Value £200)

My approach to nutrition is like virtually no others, that's a good thing. I'll give you the evolutionary nutrition package based on Human Health not government guidance​ or even what other nutrition experts think.

Goal Setting
(Value £400)

When there's a lack of goals in life we tend to get overwhelmed, lost and confused. This is one of the most important factors in improving health and getting out of pain. I'll show you a better way of setting goals over and above SMART!

24/7 Support

(Value £1000)

Any questions that you have in the day, in the week, simply ask a question and I'll be ready to help (unless I'm asleep) I will always get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Weekly Coaching Calls

(Value £1200)

Giving you up to date information and tools at the time when you need it. Using your feedback i'll know what you and the group need on a regular basis.

Self Treatment Methods

(Value £800)

I'll give you some of the best ways I have learnt that you can use on yourself and even your family (make sure they won't sue you first) that can change your posture and change your pain almost instantly that take minutes and minimal effort.

Full Archive of Previous Treatments

(Value £300)

Each treatment is recorded and saved for you to watch/listen back to on any occasion if you feel like you need a booster. Watch one treatment per day if you want to get extra fast results rather than just once per week.

Behind the Scenes Work
(Value £3840)

I'll be spending at least an extra hour behind the scenes every week working on your and the group, it's often 2 or 3 hours. This accelerates your results even further.

Health Sprints
(Value £2400)

Each month I open up the doors to non-members for an intensive week of treatment. You get access to the full course if you want it. Giving you an extra boost to your main treatment program.

Total Value £14,460

It's all yours for £2,497 

Firstly, I just want to talk to you, if I can help I will and if I think I can't then I'll say so.

Consider all of the things that you can't do now that you could do before. Think of all the things that you will be able to do that are virtually impossible now. Don't worry about the price, it's an investment in the future and we'll work something out.

You've been in pain for too long, it's time to change. 

OR don't - stay the same and keep looking on your own.

It looks like a scary number but if it means you can have your life back what is that worth?

Here's what you get for your investment in your health.

Retrain Pain - Peter Houchin


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