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Have injuries got in the way of training?

Are injuries and movement dysfunction getting in the way of you delivering your best for your clients?

Wouldn't you want to try something different if all that you've tried before hasn't worked?

No doubt you know your stuff but one or two of your clients still can't get their squats right. Lateral shift of the hip, internal rotation of the knees, collapsing of the arches, lower back pain etc etc. I will teach you what you can get your client to do to themselves that WILL make their squat better.


This innovative way of treating the problems will get faster and more effective results than the hours that you have already spent doing lateral walks, stabilisation training, every coaching tip and technique you have ever read online. 

Often these techniques will work, otherwise they wouldn't exist and be banded about so freely on the interent.


BUT theye exercises take time and effort to be done regularly and well by your client. They can eat up precious time in your session when your client could be doing other exercises that will help them reach the fitness goals faster.

AND what about the times where things never seem to get better, no matter how much work you do on stabilising and strengthening the hip, knee and ankles?


What if there was an easy way, that YOU, could teach to your client that will help them improve their squat. Get stronger, fitter and healthier faster following the awesome plan that you spent hours devising specifically for them?

Would you Take it?

Here it is!

Now, these tips aren't only going to help those clients who have "faulty" mechanics, they can also help YOU!

Yep, these techniques are designed to fire up all of the right muscles associated with a squat (basically everything, but specifically for squats).


DO YOU want to get stronger too?

Are you struggling to reach a PB, get over that training hump, can't get that high roundhouse quite high enough and no matter what flexibility and strength work you do nothing improves. If it isn't squats your after, let me know and I can either treat you online (video call ££) OR give you some tips that should help (£)

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