Strength for Runners - Bodyweight Program

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Strength for Runners Bodyweight Program


Take a neurolgoical look at the tissues involved in running from muscles to fasica, collagen and the nervous system.
A new look on training, how to train with advanced techniques that take advantage of how your nervous system works to increase speed, efficiency, strength and reduce injury risk for runners.

Video links to all exercises and drills are included in the ebook and get access to over 1 hour of exercises tutorials, variations and drills that will get you running faster than before.


PLUS - all exercises are able to be performed with no equipment, limited space and in the comfort of your own home.

  • Video Library

    With your new strength training program I have developed a video library to go along with the training program so that you can watch and get tips on how to perform each level in each of the exercises. Password and link in email to follow