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Getting out of pain

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Is your health becoming a higher priority. When you have had multiple surgeries, injuries and a multitude of chronic complaints it becomes more vital to gain back your health as quickly as possible so that a lifetime of pain and medication can be avoided.


I see people with complicated combinations of aches and pains every day. Over the last 3 years I have helped people with multiple complicated (and simple) conditions which they thought were beyond help.
Traditionally you are labelled with a condition if you match a list of criteria. Many of those lists are very similar and you could have a number of conditions even though in actuality you only have one. It just shows up in different ways for different people


Using a neurological approach unlike no other therapist I will be able to dig down to the causes of the problems much faster than you thought possible and gain more ground against the tide of pain than almost any other solution.

Combining the hands on therapy with scientificly based health advice will accelerate your journey to health further between treatment sessions.

This package includes 6 x 60 minute treatment sessions at your home (or a convenient location for you)