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Make "Bad Days" a thing of the past

The Brand New Way to Treat Chronic Pain Quickly, Safely and Effectively suitable for anyone and any condition

The reassuringly different method of treating long term conditions, restoring health to the way that it should be

Restore, Retrain, Regain

A one of a kind program to not only restore your health, but to retrain your mind so that you regain the ability to reach your life goals

It's my mission to help Men and Women to live their lives in a way that they truly want to NOT in a way that they think they need to.

Create freedom to do and be exactly what and who you want to be without physical impairment and to do it easier, faster and better than expected

Yes, I Want To Change

For £900/yr - 60 day money back guarantee or £100/month


This is for you, but Only If...

You want consistent improvements in your health over weeks, months and years so that you can be there for your loved ones without burdening them when you're older (my biggest concern)

You want to save your time wisely and do more of what you want to do, which you enjoy and gives you Energy and less of what you don't which makes you tired, angry and frustrated

You would rather get off a lifetime of "managing" your problems and get on to a lifetime of being in charge of your own solutions.

You want direction and drive in your life so that you can motivate yourself to shift the weight, get that promotion and keep a winning mentality

Aches, pains and illness are ruining your life and you're sick of being sick and your family deserve a better version of you (i'm not saying it's bad right now, but what if you had more to give)

You want support from a network of Men and Women who want exactly the same things that you do - a better life for themselves, family and loved ones

For £900/yr - 60 day money back guarantee

What it isn't

This isn't 1-1 coaching and treatment - because it is much more effective to have all of the information you'll need in one place, accessible anytime. With 1-1 i'm relying on you telling me exactly what you need and when. But I will point you in the right direction when you do ask for guidance

There are no lists of boring exercises to be done 2-4 x per day that are frustrating, time consuming and quite frankly often don't help

There is no hands on treatment, it is all delivered online via a video call once per week (Monday 8PM) which you can catch up anytime - it will still have the desired effect

It's not WooWoo - I can back up everything that I talk about with either real life examples of scientific explanation. Here's some of my reading lists (link to a reading list pop up)

It isn't going to take up loads of your time, I know how busy people are, especially with little ones, I want this to be as quick, simple and convenient for you as I possibly can - I've got 2 little time thieves (age 4 and 2) I don't have the time to be wasting, nor, i'm sure do you!

It's not as expensive as it should be - going 1-1 to see therapists regularly adds up and often you just get treatment and very little else. I want you to have the whole 9 yards - treatment, knowledge, information and empowerment to live your life how you really want to (with a bit of guidance and nudging along the way)

Yes, I Want To Change

Give it 60 days - if you can honestly say nothing has really changed I'll refund you everything you've paid so far.

That's Pete's Problem Solving Promise

I can promise you also that this is a truly one of a kind program. Being one of just 60 or so AMN Level 3 Practitioners and Health Coaches in the world who is highly self educated, determined with a logical mindset gained from the Army, a background in Engineering and further self development in coaching for me it's a no-brainer. 


If one of my AMN colleagues was offering this at this price, I'd be jumping all over it. 

I strive whole-heartedly for learning so that I can deliver the best and make the biggest impact that I possibly can on somebody's life without having to charge a fortune for the privilege.

If you do want to see me 1-1 that's fine and dandy, I can only take 8-10 (at a push) 1-1 clients at a time. That's £100/hr.

With the group setting not only is it 75% cheaper for the treatments you get access to EVERYTHING that I personally use and have used to improve my health, wellness, productivity, mental well-being over the past 5 years.

Don't worry, you don't have to use it all, there's quite a lot. Just ask me and I'll point you in the right direction for what you should probably try first within that mass of information.

Not only will you be getting access to me, you'll also have the support of other members of the group.

If you have something I've not come across before I will go to the team of experts that taught me over at AMN Academy - one of them will be able to point me in the right direction if I'm a bit stumped.

AND indirect access to my coach - he's given me a great amount of information on all things business, financial and mental health. You can also tap into that.

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This is Pete and one of the time thieves

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Yes, I Want To Change

For £900/yr - 60 day money back guarantee