Woman in Pain

Change your health from
"just leave me the f$"% alone!"  to

"let's go out and play"  

RPM Health Sprint

No Sprinting required

Health Shake

What do you get?

  • Decreasing pain and recovering from illnesses and conditions leaving you with more Energy so that you can enjoy things that you should be enjoying rather than avoiding them

  • If Privacy is your thing, you can keep your condition 100% private - I don't need to know what's going on for you, some people would rather not tell me, I'm ok with that, if you stick with the program everyday it will work.

  • You will be treated the same as everyone else, it's nice to feel special sometimes but not in this way, I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, NOT worried and stressed about feeling different (trust me, you're just the same as everyone else deep down)

  • Freedom to make your own decisions about your lifestyle (which may naturally change throughout the week) helping you to live a healthier lifestyle without someone telling you what do

Rock in Sand
Gaining Freedom

In 5 days, 30 minutes per day, you can change your health without making any changes to your lifestyle

  1. Zero Restrictive diets and complicated meal planning - in fact I'm not going to ask you to change anything here so that you don't have that extra stress to worry about cooking a new diet for you and your family.

  2. No Complicated exercises that take ages, that are boring and hurt and that you really just don't have the time or Energy for. This course is about giving you back the health so you can take that option if you want to.

  3. No Being prodded and poked by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the hospital leaving you feeling like a pin cushion medical curiosity.

  4. No Extortionate private healthcare fees or jumping through hoops to get your appointments that leave you quivering at next years premium (or losing your job that pays for it

  5. No Waiting rooms, travelling, parking, traffic, road rage because the kids made you late - totally self paced, just watch in whenever you can daily saving you so much time and effort compared to going to a clinic.

Don't Just Take My Word for it.

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