Flexibility and Strength Runners | Retrain Pain

Warm Up and Basic Strength for Runners

Welcome to your taster of strength and mobility training that should increase your running performance, training quality and ultimately turn into improved race times.

As your body works better, increases in strength and mobility you should be able to train harder and stay more free from injury.

I can't promise injury free and I can't guarantee the effectiveness individually, some will get more out of it than others. However, if you follow the program you WILL level up your running performance.

You get you what you put in.

"Where Attention goes, Energy flows"

As you will see in the sample videos you will get variations on each exercise which is what makes my full program so adaptable.

In my full strength training program you will get:

  • Core training

  • Leg Strength

  • Power training

  • Neurologically centred to improve balance
    and Proprioception (sense of where you are)

  • Gait altering techniques

  • Personalised

  • Fits in with your diary

  • Can be done anywhere

  • Zero equipment

  • Perhaps most importantly a reason WHY you should train this way

I've intentionally kept the training short

because, if you're anything like me, you work, have kids, they have clubs, you want to spend time running.


The goal is that each workout in the full program takes about 20 minutes each and should be done 2 - 3 times per week.


Watch the videos here, do the exercises, go for a run. See how it feels.

Come back and click the button below to get access to the full program and enjoy improving your running for months if not years.