Energy Healing

Get a subtle nudge in the right direction

  • 1 hour
  • 7 British pounds
  • Wherever you are - 1PM Friday every week

Service Description

Underlying every pain is an emotion, underlying an emotion is a belief, beliefs are formed of our habits and experiences, underlying all of that though is Energy - more importantly, frequency, voltage, current. Buy a single session for £7 - try it out If you like it, you notice the differences either immediately or after a couple of days I'd like to invite you to the monthly membership for £20/month - between 4 and 5 sessions/month with life changing bonuses - fresh weekly meditations that give you a health boost, access to 2 world class perception changing tools with video guides. We can't change what has happened to us but we can change how we choose to experience it. We can also change our habits By altering your perceptions and changing your habits you also start to change your frequency. When you get Energy Healing performed for you, this accelerates the process, deals with hidden problems that have been holding you back. with this one off session, try it out for the price of a coffee and a piece of cake. Notice how you feel at the time - if you've got time to sit, be calm and still at 1PM on Friday BRILLIANT - if not trust that it's still working you may feel benefits over the next couple of days anyway. Look out for: improved sleep Less reactive Proactivity A mellowing of emotions Increased focus and productivity clearer thought process An improved feeling within your body any physical problems you have may also reduce (your body works better) What would one or a little bit of all of those mean to your life? Relationships improving so that support is always there if you need it, people are willing to come and help you because you're able to help them in return. More Energy for work and family life enabling you to get more done and have quality free time Promotions so that you can have more life experiences now rather than once the kids have flown the coop Creativity for any aspect of your life so that you can see solutions rather than just the brick wall of problems

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For cancellations and rescheduling please give at least 24 hours notice. Contact me directly via email: OR message me on 07590003659

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