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The Retrain Pain Method

Deep dive into your health, uncovering and resolving illness and pain

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Service Description

Have you ever wondered why you don't just have 1 illness, ache or complaint? Why it keeps changing on a practically daily basis? And why despite your best efforts it isn't getting better? When we go to see someone about our health we often only go once it's gotten so bad we can't go on. We go with a major complaint and that's what you talk about with your GP/Dr (or whoever it is you're seeing) And because their time is limited and that's the thing that you've told them about that's the ONLY thing they're going to look at. It's nobody's fault, that's just how the system works. However, your body is more than just a single system that's malfunctioning. The guts connect to the liver, the liver to the diaphragm, to the lungs, to the heart, to the blood, to the nerves, to the brain, to your emotions, behaviours, thoughts and habits. A health problem, no matter how major or minor is ALWAYS linked to multiple other body parts, it's ALWAYS linked with the nervous system, it's ALWAYS linked with emotions, thoughts and behaviours. The reason that problems remain and rarely change (even with the worlds best intentions and medications) If that other stuff isn't sorted too then you'll perpetually be injured - wondering what's wrong, never really fixing the problem completely, wondering when it will come back and bite you. At Retrain Pain we treat you as a whole person. We look for the causes of all health problems in your life. Whether that's from accidents as a child, emotional strife, stress, your current lifestyle and everything inbetween. Let us know where you want to start - but to fix that we might have to change various other things (usually quite simple changes - sometimes more challenging) How far you want to go is up to you. These methods are tried and tested on hundreds of clients. From tennis elbow to PTSD, mild reflux to collitis, sore knees to frozen shoulder and cluster migraines. We've seen it all and more. There are 3 ways to work with us (all based on a minimum of 6 months - payment plans available) Beyond Pain Academy - £720 - 1 x 1:1 treatment per month and access to a full library of coaching materials on everything goal setting, mindset, nutrition, sleep and more - full email and text support in 24h Retrain Pain Lite - £999 - 2 x 1:1 treatments per month and access to everything in the Beyond Pain Academy - message anytime Retrain Pain Full - £2100 - 4 x 1:1 treatments per month and all else included in Beyond Pain Academy

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For cancellations and rescheduling please give at least 24 hours notice. Contact me directly via email: info@retrainpain.co.uk OR message me on 07590003659

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