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Guide to revitalising sleep so that you don't tear off your kids arms when they launch breakfast across the room.

          Over the last 5 I've learnt a lot about health. I want to give you what is the most important thing you can change to upgrade your health. 


Did you know that melatonin (commonly known as the sleep drug) is one of the best antioxidants that your body can produce naturally.


Twice as potent as vitamin E and you make it - and if you do a few of the things in my guide you WILL produce more of it!


Being a dad of 2, self employed, chores is a lot to take on.

High quality sleep is of vital importance to keep my energy levels up.


Without it I struggle to treat my clients as effectively as  could.


Or give enough energy to my family and and feel like I'm failing them.

Being in bed for 8-9 hours is not enough. It needs to be great sleep too.

I will teach you many of the techniques, devices and strategies that I use to keep me going.

My guide will teach you my keys to get outstanding sleep.


It's impossible to be the best parent, partner, colleague, business person you can be when you're exhausted.


Look after yourself so that YOU can look after your family.

  • How to turn your sleep into the most important thing you will do every day

  • How my sleep and Energy has actually improved since having 2 kids

  • Increase quality of your sleep so that you are able to get the most out of every day.

  • How to track quality of your sleep without devices (they actually negatively effect your sleep/health but that's another story)

  • 5 things I can almost guarantee you are doing that are ruining your sleep, how to change them and achieve more blissful sleep

  • 17 simple tips that will help you get the most out of your sleep (you don't need to do them all)

  • It's all well and good thinking you are getting better sleep but are you really? Part 2 will help you to track what you are doing (or not) so that you can continue making improvements

  • tip 1: turn off your tablet or phone after 8pm i'll tell you why inside.

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