The Missing Link

There's a gap between what our health is ACTUALLY like and what we WANT our health to be like. (hint: it's not just nutrition and Exercise)

There's a strong chance that you've done a lot of good stuff in the past, maybe it worked, maybe it didn't.

  • I get it - you bought the books, did the research, diligently followed the plans, put in time, effort and money to make your life and health better.

  • But you're back where you started and now you can tick another thing off the list of things that haven't worked.

  • Frustrated, tired, pissed off and feeling guilty for not being the quality of person that you know that you can be (but only on the "good" days)

  • Worst of all resenting all the things that you haven't done and the people that can.

Blue Speech Bubble World Health Day Face

Bernard was right. The germ​ is nothing, the terrain is everything - Lois Pasteur [Founder of anti-biotics]

This means, the germ may be already in you, but if you are otherwise healthy it will NOT take hold and make you sick.


This book shows you how to change your "terrain"

Your health won't fix itself until you've addressed these things first:

1. Sleep 
If you wake up tired, feeling lethargic in the day, brain fog regularly or constantly ill and drained. This is the Number 1 thing to fix. Focus on this and the rest of it becomes a lot easier.

2. Nutrition

We think about food in totally the wrong way for our health. Usually it's Calories, Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates - that's not the main story when it comes to what we eat - find out what is!

3. Environment
Without the right environment you will not grow. 

Put a Carrot seed in the ground surrounded by weeds you won't get a very strong carrot, if at all - take those weeds out and feed the carrot what it needs - not only will you get a tasty carrot, you'll get seeds to last for years to come. The same can be said for your health.
Correct the environment, change the results.

Also included:
Brain Health and Exercise
Light and it's role in Health (super important)
Magnetism - yep, we need that too