Retrain Pain - Peter Houchin FCMA

Holistic Healing for Consciousness aware Directors and Business Owners 

Making business decisions comes easier and better when it comes from joy instead of angst.

At Retrain Pain it's our job to help you to improve your health and level of consciousness. This translates to improved business performance in yourself and your staff.

We use a range of modalities within the session with each session being focussed on you and the various challenges that health and leadership throw at us.

All sessions are delivered online, you could be anywhere in the world and we'll still be able to help you.

Read below for a small selection of stories from recent clients and their health and injury problems.

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First we work on health and Energy, then we get to work on aligning your business with your vision.


Success Stories

Holly - Holly Small Design

Paul B - Wind Energy Servicing

To be able to release the worst tightness in my neck and back I had for long time over zoom still amazing me today.


After one session with Peter and 20 minutes in, I could feel the tension melting away and a rush of blood back into my muscles, I could even turn my neck instantly.


A year later I still work with Peter and talk through any niggles/pain and deal with built up emotions. I don't know how it works but it does.

Charlie - Insurance Broker

Having worked with Pete on a regular basis, he has not only been able to solve long standing issues to improve my wellbeing - especially being told I was asthmatic by my GP only to find out a few sessions with Pete and the breathing issues vanished!

I now see Pete on a bi-weekly basis to help maintain but also prevent any further issues from becoming larger problems and recently have reached a PB in overhead press lifting - something I haven't beaten in 4 years previously!

I cannot recommend him enough to people looking for more mobility and better wellbeing!


If there isn't a time that suits your schedule then please email Pete directly to see if we can arrange another time.