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Dedicated to helping people in Pain, chronic, long term Pain who have tried everything, want to change but don't know how.

Welcome to the Retrain Pain Method - I'm Pete and I'm here to help

Have you ever wondered how people can walk on burning hot coals and not get burnt, not even feel the pain?

How some people can look like they should be in agony and be totally fine and yet someone else looks totally healthy is in excruciating pain almost constantly.

Don't worry, there's no walking across hot coals just to prove a point but there is freedom from pain in sight.

What do you want?

  • For your ealth to improve physically, emotionally and mentally instead of declining far too early in life.

  • Gain confidence, strength (of mind and body) to enjoy every part of your life again without sacrificing hours per week of precious time

  • Have the right information at the right time at your fingertips so that you don't spend hours trawling through Google reading stuff that doesn't work for you

  • To be out of pain and without the medication that you know is helping in some ways but hurting you in others.

  • Have direct support from someone who really cares about you, your health and everyone in your life that it affects.

  • Get back a clear head, focus on what's most important for you rather than worrying about being a burden on those closest to you.

How is that possible?

Instead of spending money on marketing, advertising, becoming a better sales person and spending loads of time posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

I invest most of my time money and effort on reading, studying and learning how best to help people become healthier (have you seen my website??)

That has led me down rabbit holes

For me it started way back when I was 8, suffering with Achilles Tendonitis, it was partly to blame for ending my love of football. This injury and pain plagued me for much of my life from then, affecting running and ultimately my career in the Army.


Since going on this quest I have been a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Sports Therapist, Dad, Husband, Son.
I have complete dedication to helping others heal through continued learning and development of techniques and tools that I practice daily.

I have to be thankful for my injuries, because without them I would not be here, doing this right now. It's been a challenging path, but let's smooth the travel for you so that you can be pain free easier, faster and better than expected.

I never thought I'd be able to help so many people with so many varied conditions. I'm grateful you are here, I look forward to working with you.


How to Work With Me

Work with me 1-1

Individually tailored treatment with a unique and highly effective treatment method that pins down the CAUSES of pain rather than focusing on the SYMPTOMS of pain to more precisely tackle your biggest problems, the quickest way to get results with me for a healthier life.

Getting to know you personally helps us to delve deeper into those causes, uncovering them quickly because I don't want you to be spending more time and money on ineffective treatments that are only focused on the symptoms.


People I've helped have had a huge range of aches, pains, complaints, injuries and illnesses. Whether that's joint pains or headaches to more exotic and complex conditions like Fibromyalgia and CRPS. Conditions that effect every area of life, that must stop and I'm determined to make that happen as quickly for you as possible.

Henry Ford - "Whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right"

Be right and don't take this opportunity, chances are you'll stay the same or get worse.

Or BE RIGHT, take that chance and get more of the life that you wanted, how you envisioned it when you had kids, when you started your own business, when you took that new job, before it all started going "wrong"

If you think you can't change then you can't

But, if you think you can, I bet you will!

Retrain Pain 

You can join my FREE Facebook group - there's a few brilliant tools in there, including my favorite and potentially best "I can't/I won't" worksheet - 24 minute video guide and worksheet so that you can release negative emotions that are holding you back from living your potential

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You've tried the same as everyone else, it hasn't worked. Now is time for different

  • 90 pages, to the point book, with no fluff, filler and stories - full of the best tips to get your health back fast without breaking the bank and wasting loads of time reading stories that are just there as filler.

  • Getting the healthy, restorative sleep without losing your lifestyle, going to bed at 7PM and having no life

  • Nutrition based on millions of years worth of Humanity rather than what the latest trend is. That's all too confusing, keep it simple and achievable.

  • Exercise for your Brain Health, clear the foggy head, get your focus and body back to how it wants to be, not how it feels right now.

  • Pain hacks for when your body is not playing ball with what you expect it to do

  • Without following my own advice in this book I doubt I would have achieved half of what I have in the last couple of years.

  • You can purchase here for £1.97 - simple but effective hacks to get your health moving back in the direction you want it.

    You could buy this book and read it, OR you could get a Costa Coffee - which one is more likely to change your life?

The Health Sprint

An intensive week of online group treatment - 5 x 30 minute online treatment calls that will make big inroads into almost all physical problems.


What it doesn't include - nutrition changes and alterations, exercise programs or fluff

It is Pure Treatment, the best that I can do (which is damn good if i do say so myself) I want you to get a real taste of how simple it could be to change.

Also Includes:

  • My 3 top, proven, functional neurological based tips for self pain relief - that you can easily do pretty much wherever and whenever you need to, no pills, supplements or medication required.

  • Daily treatment for 5 days straight - the biggest problem in most treatment programs is cost and the appointments are too far apart. Progress is lost between sessions - in this course at just £24.99 (less than a 30 minute massage) will do much more for much less.

This is Pure Treatment - no coaching, no diets, no fluff and filler - just watch and get better.

Pain Free For Life

For Chronic Pain Suffers willing to make the necessary changes to get their health back for  their families, their businesses, their work, their partners and themselves.


Retrain Pain - Peter Houchin


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