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Retrain Pain

Getting You over Chronic Pain and Injuries - return to a life you love

Do Not Accept Fate

Accepting the deal you have been given as bad luck or just a part of getting older simply is not true.


When I was in my 20's I accepted that I would likely never run long distances again.


Even running 1 mile would cause days of agony. I thought my knees were knackered and would need surgery on my Achilles Tendons.

I cannot believe how wrong I was. 10 years later I'm regularly running half marathons and planning on my first Marathon.

My intention is to be as fit and healthy in my 80's as I am now, strong, slim and on ZERO medication.


What are your LIFETIME health goals? Think about your future now.

The day to change your story is today.


"With an hour he had my shoulder moving in different directions without pain!"

Claire L / Venue Queen

(Peter) "Helped me with consent knee pain, conducted all over the internet....sceptical at first but first session in made a big difference and now getting a good nights sleep."

Sonia / Ex Mil



A Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living.

See what I teach before buying a treatment package


Your body is one thing, not a series of parts, it needs a full body treatment to achieve fast effective results


If you need some help with some simple aches and pains try out some techniques from my Foam Rolling video Library

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