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Success Stories

Ben and His Horse

Highly recommended.... I had a injury caused from falling off a horse.

Peter was able to help me recover.

He had also one of my horses and after treatment he was a lot softer in the contact and full of life

Melissa - EDS and Numbness

Though I ask a lot of questions I still don’t fully understand what Pete does, he’s master of a few different treatments that compliment each other and just work!

I’m so glad I met Pete and I think anyone who is perhaps sceptical about seeing him should take the leap of faith, I know I will never look back!

Claire - Problem Shoulder

Within an hour he had my shoulder moving in different directions without pain!

Something no-one else over the last 3 years have managed to do

Sonia - knee pain and sleep

Helped me with constant knee pain, conducted all over the internet.

I was sceptical at first but the first session made a big difference and now getting a good nights sleep...literally retrain the pain

Kerry - Headaches

Pete managed to reduce my headache in just one session and then help with my flat feet by turning my glutes on!

Alison - Pelvic Floor and more

Initially I started seeing Peter due to issues with my pelvic floor but it became so much more than that!

Peter has helped with my sleeping, my arthritis in my hand, my performance at my gym - so many ways that I totally didn't expect!


He has also given me tools to help deal with my 'negative voice'.

Lorna - Rotator Cuff

Peter initially helped me with a torn rotator cuff injury.
I was able to avoid having Cortisone injections.

I have not only managed to come off the very strong pain medication (for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)- but I have felt motivated and strong enough to work on my general health & fitness.

Milan - years of shoulder pain

I've had chronic shoulder pain for years.

Different types of physio with limited or no effect. Until I met Pete.


In just a couple of sessions I have felt the pain subside and go away.


After my second treatment, I was actually able to sleep on that side....something I have not been able to do for years. Try him. He's good & effective

Mariella - years of pain

Due to an accident and various injuries over the years I was experiencing pain and discomfort.


Over the years I had started to use my muscles incorrectly to compensate.


Peter managed to quite quickly identify the causes and in his unique and brilliant way helped me heal.

Kelly's Niece - Broken Arm and Severe Pain

My daughter fractured her elbow 7 months ago this healed but she was left in pain in different parts of her arm.


We had seen different consultants and physiotherapists every 2 weeks increasing to once a week as there was no improvement in pain.


We gave it a go not expecting a lot due to all of the health care professionals we have seen previously but we have been absolutely amazed by the results.


Her pain has disappeared and the hypersensitivity we had been advised could remain (forever) is now non existent.