Booking An Introductory Call

Wherever you are, I can help you, it doesn't matter if you're in Northern Scotland, Cornwall or Timbuctu if we agree to work together you can and will get better 

Get the most out of your health. You only have one body and it needs to last a lifetime. My goal is to help you stay healthy for as long as you can.


Whether you wish to run marathons or walk down the street without getting out of breath; reach the top shelf in a cupboard without pain or play with your children/grandchildren without worry for your joints.

My mission is to help you to regain movement that you may have lost through injury, pain and discomfort. Remove as many physical barriers to that as possible and then provide you with a place to go to continue along a long healthy journey into the future.

The discovery call is a chance to ask me anything, find out more about you and if it's a good plan for you and I to work together.

I'm in the business of being honest. If I don't think you're right for my program I don't want to take your money.

We'll both feel bad about it and I don't want that.

However, I am sick and tired of people being unwell, in pain and unable to live the life they want, expect and really should have. 


I'm sick of people getting left to figure it out on their own because there's so much more to health than is addressed in the traditional methods.

  • Find out if you and I can work together to change your health.

    30 min

  • Get a subtle nudge in the right direction

    1 hr

    7 British pounds
  • Deep dive into your health, uncovering and resolving illness and pain

    1 hr

    Starting at £720