Self Pain Relief

Foam Rolling And Therapeutic Movement

Your guide to highly effective Foam Rolling


ITB Syndrome/ Runners Knee

3 Ways to Self treat Pain

Method 1: Motor Imagery - this works best for joint pains where there is reduced movement and specific pain when you move.

Method 2: Eye Movements - great for general pain across the body as it fires your natural pain relief pathways in the Brain

Method 3: Pinch and Tickle - great for specific sites of pain, reducing tingling, numbness and brilliant with normalising sensation around scars or areas of skin that don't feel "right"


Full Foam Rolling Library



Performing complex movements like I show you in the videos below is a guaranteed way of increasing flexibility, strength and performance in any sport or activity.

It also (i've recently learnt) has great effect on reducing the overall pain response in the body.

  • It takes much less time than stretching

  • Not as painful as foam rolling

  • Can be done as a "active rest" at the gym or during an interval session.

  • Part of a warm up or cool down or even as a workout in themselves.

  • I think they're fun, challenging and develop my body in ways that we aren't used to which keeps your body adaptable and resilient to injury.