Learn How To Quickly and Painlessly Improve Your Posture (and your family) without breaking the bank on treatment

£300 5-6 hour  workshop teaching you how you can positively change your posture for life, how your body works and live a life with fewer aches pains and health problems

1 time only - half price


Presented by Peter Houchin - Founder and Owner of Retrain Pain

Peter has been helping people with chronic pain for over 5 years first as a Personal Trainer then as a therapist. This workshop gives you a chance to become your family's physical therapist saving you hundreds in private treatments, stress and worry.

In this workshop we will cover


Improve your physical performance reduces stress and Energy use of the Brain which you can the utilise to enhance your career.


Unwind years worth of aches and pains, minor injuries and improve your general strength by balancing the body.


You'll immediately be able to implement the tests and techniques for yourself and your family being able to help them aswell as yourself.


If aches and pains are bothering you right now, what is it preventing you from doing and enjoying. You could get back to that sooner than you thought.


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50% off, now £150

For less than 1 Hour with your Chiropractor you can learn the foundational knowledge that can change your health and how you see your body forever so that you rarely need to grace their doors again.

If you used these techniques even once per month for you and your family you will have much greater health for you and the people you use it for