Want to get a massage every week but financially it's unaffordable and time away from the family is unfair on your kids and partner?

Join the Virtual Massage Hub

Get a massage wherever, whenever you are for less than a DISCOUNTED massage - £20/month - totally unlimited

This unique method is helping people all over the UK to relax, destress, sleep, and improve their health on a daily basis.

I call it virtual massage, but it's way more than a massage.

All the benefits of massage while you're on the go.

Sports massage on leg

Then there's the cost.

2 x 60 minute massages at a clinic or spa every month is going to cost around £100-£150 or more.

Throw in travel, time and guilt on top of that. It can be expensive.

for £20/month you have unlimited access to as many VMH treatments as you like.

  • Virtual Massage Hub

    Every month
    Massage in your pocket
     14 day free trial

So what is it?

  • Each week you'll get access to a brand new virtual massage audio. Things in your body change week - week and day - day. Each new recording moves with your body as you change. 


  • You wouldn't keep doing the same workout forever and ever and expect to continue making progress.


  • When you go for a massage they only have time to work on specific parts of your body, they might not have time to work on everything.


  • Virtual massages will work on the places that YOU need the most.


  • Sometimes we feel pain in our necks, you go to a massage therapist, they feel your neck - yes, there's tension. They work on your upper back, neck and shoulders. 


  • At the time it feels great, all warm, gooey and relaxed.


  • The next day though the tension is back, but now it's worse.


  • What you and the massage therapist might not realise is the tension in your neck was there because SOMETHING ELSE in the body isn't right.


  • The virtual massage will find the causes of the tension for you, you don't need to worry about "this hurts, it must be this.....but what if it's that???" it's all done for you.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results

Isn't it time that you tried something different?


What makes Virtual Massage Hub Different?



You can only, at most, have one a massage every 3-4 days (depending on depth of massage)

There is potential to make a problem worse.

It's not always possible to find the cause of a pain


Going regularly causes big dents in pockets meaning you've got less for other important things in your life.


You have to get to a clinic or spa to receive your treatment.


Cost £30+ per 30 minutes

No additional support

Members area/Community - maybe

You can use it multiple times per day if you wish without negative side-effects.


Zero chance of making the problem worse


Your body innately knows the causes and directs the massage to where it needs to go to be most effective


There is a single monthly subscription of £20 where you have unlimtied access to as many recordings as you like per week.

You can listen on the go making your stressful journeys less stressful and more peaceful. (maybe you'll even look forward to them)

Cost £20 - unlimited listens

Access to 2 of my most life-changing worksheets and video instruction on how to implement them.
combined worth £180

Online community to share your problems and ask me questions regarding all things health.


All Sunshine and Rainbows?

Look, don't get me wrong, it's not perfect - what you won't get from VMH.

I won't make you a coffee/tea while you wait

There's nobody there to listen to your problems.

I'm not going to schedule the times for you

Could you listen to something similar on YouTube? 

Yes - but what is that lacking? 


What's lacking with other products like what you're getting here is the intention. 

My years of skill in creating healing intention in recordings where you're able to go about your day and receive benefits while you're just doing your thing.

There's also so many to choose from, you need playlists, trial and error, perhaps many months to compile a library that works for you.

I'll take all of that trial and error away, you'll find all that you need in one place that is refreshed weekly.

You'll get access to the whole library for as long as you're a member

Which, by the way, you can cancel at anytime.

If you're not totally satisfied after your free trial just cancel and you won't be charged a penny.

I'll see you on the inside.


  • Virtual Massage Hub

    Every month
    Massage in your pocket
     14 day free trial