Improve your health for FREE

There is one thing that you can do that is totally free, you can do it just about anywhere that can markedly improve your health long term.

If you're interested in that, read on - it won't take long


Simply put, grounding is taking off your shoes and socks and walking around in nature. Whether that be at the park, in the woods, in your garden or along a river. You could literally do it anywhere.

Here's a short film to help explain.

I don't think Health improvement could be any more simple that taking a walk.

Give it a go.

You may notice

  • Improved sleep,

  • Decreased chronic pain,

  • An improved sense of wellbeing,

  • Reduced inflammation of joints (symptoms of Arthritis),

  • Balancing of blood sugar levels (yes, research has shown that blood sugar is normalised through earthing),

  • Returning to the natural cortisol cycle (cortisol is a stress related hormone that SHOULD be high in the morning when we wake up and low just before bed - this is a story for another day)

Potentially many other things too - but these are ones that have been researched!!

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