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Don't know where to begin, hopefully I can cut through some of the bullshit out there for you and direct you to what I think are some of the best ideas when it comes to optimal health from food.

I hope you've found something interesting, learned something new and become healthier in just a small way by reading any one of these articles today.

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A veggie favourite - Lentils reduce blood sugar....

....but only if they are replacing white carbohydrates (rice and potato). Lentils are incredibly starchy - this means they are still SUGAR. But, because they are very starchy and contain high amounts of fibre their Glycaemic Index (GI) is very low. Keep your blood sugar lower by replacing white carbs with pulses and lentils.


People are actually paid to do this research!!

Lose weight to reduce knee pain associated with osteoarthritis

well excuse my sarcasm but - no shit sherlock!!

That being said, the statistics might bring hope to those that are in pain. A 10% reduction in body-weight equates to a 50% reduction in symptoms for those that are suffering.

Inflammation (over the whole body) had also reduced - probably due to an improved diet and increased levels of activity - which then brought about weight loss.

Here's the link


Why is there always space for Ice Cream!!

We are wired for energy - carbs are generally fast releasing and is the ONLY fuel that our brain works on (Glycogen - which is formed from carbs and excess protein). Fat contains 9KCal per gram (4KCal for both Protein and Carb) and is therefore a very dense source of energy. Combine Fat and Carb together is a cocktail for "FEED ME MORE" messages from the brain.

Now it has been shown to have the same effect on our brain as drug addiction.

This is fuelling a race to eat the most, be the fattest - technically it's not your fault, we are hard wired this way, BUT you also have to take some responsibility for your own health.


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