Stacking - "Be water, my Friend"

Stacking is not, in this case, forfeit related pub banter.


Stacking is about increasing the output and input to your brain about a particular region in your body.

Let's imagine, if you will, 5 rivers all coming together at one point. Before they all meet, there is a dam at the end of each one.

Each has the potential to create flow down the single river after the dams

If we open up one dam so that water can flow, there is now water in the river.

Open up another and the water flow doubles

Another and the water flow increases again

If you open all of the dams there is now a large river downstream to the dams.

The output can go from 1 to 5, each one ADDS to the other. None take away.

This, in a nutshell, is stacking.

Each river is an input, processing happens (the rivers combining) and the outcome is the overall single large river. The combining of the rivers creates greater output.


I am all about injuries and health so I would like to put this back into reality and how this relates to you.

When you are injured, you are often told (at least I hope you are) to keep the injured area moving - this is good for many reasons including increased blood flow, nutrient delivery, toxic build up removal and many other processes.

It also sends a message to the brain of "i'm working, I'm doing this, this is where I am" the brain receives that message and understands what is going on in that area - right or wrong. This is called proprioception, a sense of self and where I am

Movement/exercise and proprioception is one river

River 2 - thought - "this movement/exercise is going to help heal my XYZ pain

River 3 - separate movement - "even though I have lower back pain I'm also going to make a circular motion with my left wrist"

River 4 - writing - with a pen and paper - this then includes another motor action PLUS vision

River 5 - Sound - favourite artist/song/genre etc

Your extra inputs can be whatever you choose them to be. The outcome will be far greater than any of the individual inputs.

In an ideal world you would add 2 or 3 inputs together to be performed at once OR

You would perform them in quick succession following on from one another.

Try it

What is the problem you want to work on?

What movement would directly make that area move?

What OTHER movement could I try to add in? - HINT - your eyes move too

Have I written down the outcome I want?

What other senses can I stimulate? Smell, Taste, Balance, Sound/Hearing

The more that goes into the experience, the greater the context that you give to your exercise, you can amplify the results drastically by "stacking" other inputs into your routine.

Please do not simply run through a rehab program and go through the motions. I did that for years and got nowhere. Make exercise/rehab/movement thought about "mindful" conscious decision, not just something that you do because you were told to

If that's all a bit much for you, you can also get therapy where I can address many of these things for you.

Get in touch with me now and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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