This weeks news from the world of Health

A dive into the headlines that have been hitting the world of health this week.

How moving to another country could upset your gut bacteria.

A large study performed on over 500 people from Asia and SE Asia assessing their gut microbiome and general health markers such as BMI. Your diet is more than just what you eat, it could also be where you eat, where your food is from and how it was produced.

How our obsession with chairs could change our biological make up

I have 18 places for bums in my house, not including beds. A bit excessive considering there are usually only 4 of us there and 1 of them is so young she can't even roll over yet.

Sedentary behavior is linked with many of the diseases that plague us in the modern age - is the prevalence of sitting and chairs partly to blame?

Is Soy Good or bad for your health?

Ultimately it's your decision on whether you want to increase, decrease or keep your soy content the same, chances are it's relatively low. However, there is evidence laid out in this article that argues it could be both good, the nutritional value of the soy bean itself is generally good. However, could the way it is being produced be bad for your health. I'm absolutely sat on the fence on this one.

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