This weeks health news

This weeks roundup of a few of the articles that caught my eye.

Usually something to improve your health, make you think about your current choices or to help you make new choices that, I hope, will improve your health, reduce pain and make you more able to do the things that you love to do.

Medical Devices, incontinence, living a longer healthier life and daylight.

Medical device rules need 'drastic change' to protect patients

Quite a shocking article that some medical devices are being implanted without being fully tested as safe. Electronic devices running out of battery, implants designed to relieve pain causing further issues.

If you want a safe, non-surgical, non-medicated assessment of pain and other chronic conditions email me, I may be able to help you without any risks.

(disclaimer: please consult a Doctor if you have health issues)

Incontinence effects one-in-three women

"The friends who giggled their way to an incontinence business"

The article is more about a business idea that 2 women had about developing a pair of pants for ladies with incontinence issues. The environmental impact of incontinence products and the untalked about problem of incontinence prompted them to look for a way to address both problems. A great idea and premise, I hope they're successful!

Did you know: the pelvic floor is mostly under autonomic control (like breathing and your heartbeat, it should just work). By stimulating certain parts of your nervous system, particularly around the BRAIN these problems can be reduced or eliminated very quickly.

If you have incontinence problems and no other issues diagnosed by a Dr, if you're looking for help I can stimulate the automatic parts of the Brain that assist in activating the pelvic floor. You could also see a Chiropractor or Osteopath, they could also help by adjusting the muscles and bones that may be affecting the nerves that innervate the muscles of your pelvic region.

Kids see less daylight than prisoners - no wonder they're getting Rickets.

Being outside prevents Rickets, children are spending more time indoors doing homework, access to the internet and much less time outdoors playing. Adults are in the same boat too. The effects of being inside not only effect your physical development but have long been known to effect your mental wellbeing - being outside in nature is great for your health and we are gradually moving more towards a way of living that is so far removed from our roots it's almost no wonder that we suffer with so many ailments. (passionate on this one being a father or 2 and concerned about the health of people in general)

Can you live forever?

I don't know about you, I do NOT want to live forever. However, what I do want is to live a long and for-filled life where I am rarely ill and have a long "health-span" and a short "disease-span"

A great book on this subject is "the telomere effect"

Research is going on to improve the life quality of the eldery, how to make our cells "younger" and reduce disease.

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