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Next Tuesday (11th June '19) I am really excited to be doing a talk for members of Harpenden Complementary Therapies Group. This is also open to the public, not just therapists.

Much of the health information out in the world of the internet is wrong or not quite right. It doesn't cover the full story.

I would like to introduce to you a bigger picture of what the real causes of inflammation are and what you can do to reduce it.

Inflammation is the main cause of many serious disease processes such as cancer, dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons but also for the more minor ailments such as IBS, swollen joints, aches and pains and arthritis - virtually every condition that exists is associated with excessive inflammation (you may have something I haven't listed, it will more than likely be associated with inflammation) Is it worth coming along?

If you are suffering with any of the conditions listed above, know someone who is or conditions such as these run in your family it is definitely worth coming.

Not only will I be there doing my talk, there will also be a number of other therapists to talk to who you may prefer their thoughts/methods. So even if it's not me, you may find some of the answers that you are looking for. Also, It's in a pub and there is food included (I believe) get your tickets here:


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