Do you have a gift?

"Are you just gifted?"

Got asked that today by one of the builders who's working on our extension when I helped his back pain (from a safe distance of course)

answer to that question - NOPE

I never set out to be an online therapist when I initially left my engineering career.

I thought I'd get some sort of therapy qualification in advanced massage (or something similar) and perhaps open my own clinic one day.

I had no idea what this would turn into.

It's just fallen that way.

ANYONE can do what I can do.

It's taken me 5 years of studying, practicing, reading, learning, teaching and coaching to get to where I am now.

If someone was 100% committed to this study they could probably get there in 18 months and with regular coaching probably a year or even less.

the question is really the belief that it's possible.

If you don't believe it's possible to do then it won't be (talking from a therapists perspective) - if you think you can't treat people online then you can't.

I believe that what I do can be done online and for a group of people simultaneously to great effect.

I tried it out, practiced, got better at it, confirmed my belief (my clients generally tell me they are getting better) I went with it.

If they felt no difference I would have shut it down and done something else.

There's no "gift" - I'm not a "special" human being - lightning bolts do not shoot from my hands, I'm not a Jedi, I don't have special powers

What I do have though is a strong enough belief that what I'm trying to do works - therefore it does.

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