Great Expectations

Expectations - Are you guilty of this? I am!!

Whenever I go into a treatment with people, I expect them to feel better. The vast majority of times that IS what happens - if it didn't then people wouldn't come back and I'd have zero business.

However, when I go into advertising/marketing mode - my expectation is that "nobody cares" "nobody listens" "nobody believes me" - that is EXACTLY what happens.

What do I need to do?

When I go and write adverts, or website pages, or even social media posts, or even good old fashioned talking to someone I NEED to change my expectations BEFORE going into that situation.

My expectation of the outcome must be positive.

Stop telling myself stories of failure as I'm writing/talking - it comes out in the words that I write or say. The feeling that those words produce repels people subconsciously.

What if you could go into any situation with the expectation that the result you are going to get is 100% exactly what you want and that everybody wins all the time?

There's a way - you change your expectations

Time, effort and results over 5 years has taught me that what I do works in terms of treatment

Significantly less time and effort has gone into marketing and advertising in the same 5 years.....the results show.

I get to change that story

I start by changing my expectation that the advertising will fail and say to myself the advertising will work.

It won't be a magic bullet, i'll still need to put in time and effort. BUT if I strongly believe that every time I write something that it will get the desired outcome (to help people and ultimately people who will at some point pay me for that service) then I'm in a much stronger position.

  • I'll take the actions required

  • I'll try again and again and again

  • I won't give up so easily

If the expectation is to fail then I will.

If my expectation is to succeed then I will (or at least much more likely to)

Where do you expect success and see it?

Where do you expect failure and see it?

Change your expectation first, the actions will follow to back you up. Expect your health and pain to change. It will if you let it

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