How can I think differently?

Anxiety, fear, anger, rage, pride, frustration, irritation, annoyance, apathy, CBA Why do we get these feelings and what can we do about it? Our negative feelings come about when our expectation doesn't match what really happens. Looking for a high only to be disappointed After that what are you telling yourself? "Urgh....AGAIN!" "This ALWAYS happens to me" "why me? it's always me" "what's the point?" These may feel accurate but they are not. Another person in the same situation but with different life experiences, thoughts and beliefs will see: Opportunities Gifts Reasons to be thankful How do you move from one person to the other - it's really hard to change, right?? I don't think it's as hard as most people think. Watch this video to find out more. While you're over on YouTube don't forget to subscribe, leave a comment, thumbs up and watch another great video (by me) Thanks for reading - I'll see you again soon. Pete

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