How long does it take to get better?

The RPM Health Sprint

After the great success of the first ever health sprint course it's going to time for round 2 in August.

Starting Monday August the 10th.

I thought you should be the first to know.

If you've been on one before and would like to again that's fine, it would be great to see you there

If this is the first you're hearing of it I'll be doing a discovery call where you can find out more about what to expect, what to do and the results you could achieve.

I'll be in touch with further details in the not too distant future.

Last time this was some of the feedback:

"Much better range of motion from right hamstring and less stiffness through ACL replacement" - Jenny

"[Pain] mine was a 6 now a 9" - (10 is perfect) - Sharon

"Sleep is a little better, wake up feeling more rested - biggest difference is in my ability to not feel overwhelmed by work stress which used to happen quite often" - Lee

"More relaxed, focused and resilient 👍" - Abby

The focus for me is on Pain, Chronic Pain and Injuries - However, I do find that illnesses symptoms do start to clear up even in just a week.

This process is about optimising the body so that the mind can be FREE, CREATIVE, FOCUSED and PRODUCTIVE.

Get pain out of the way so you can really excel in life rather than just get by.

Expect Results


p.s. you can get my book here - change your perspective on health forever and ACTUALLY get results that last

p.p.s please forward this to a friend in need of help - friend, if this is you reading this, whomever forwarded this to you is not saying that you are broken and need help, they care for you.

You can subscribe by downloading my book here

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