How much pain can I put up with?

Where does pain become so unbearable that you're willing to move mountains to deal with it?

A difficult question to answer because it varies person to person.

Someone with tennis elbow who LOVES being active might move mountains when their injury only affects sport but otherwise life is happy and healthy.

Someone with severe chronic pain who can barely get out of bed might do nothing except think about the pain.

  • Lack of Energ

  • Nothing has worked in the past

  • Despondant

  • Angry

  • Why me?

  • It's too expensive to get the treatment that works

  • I can't get the referrals I need from my Doctor

  • They can't find anything wrong with me

  • They keep saying it's all in my head

  • The medication just makes me worse

Until there's a strong enough reason to make massive changes then it's unlikely that anyone will really do anything.

Find a reason - set a goal - plan some actions - what can i do daily to make things get better?

1. you can join my free group to make a start in a positive direction 2. Book a call to see what I can do for you today. You can stay the way you are right now, jumping through hoops and spinning your wheels.

It's up to you.

Move the mountain

Live Better


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