How to avoid feeling like Sh1t

On Saturday, I was not a great parent, not a great husband, i felt awful and there was no real reason for it that i could think of. I just felt utter rubbish. 

Tired, lethargic a bit sick

I was moody with my wife and kids, which was unfair.

I went through the motions of being a good dad/parent/husband.

I managed to get the kids out to the park - but i didn't get involved too much

I managed to get out shopping - but I just wanted to sit in the car and mope instead of go in and get home

I even managed most of my morning routine which usually gets me fired up for the day.

I did the "right stuff" by other people - what was expected of me - and I was grumpy about it.

A few lessons from this:

1. I went to bed late on Friday after a zoom call with our friends

2. I had a couple of beers ON Friday night - literally 2

3. I had some not so great snacks on Friday night

4. I definitely didn't drink enough wa

ter either on Friday night or Saturday morning - I was certainly a bit dehydrated

5. Although I knew I had jobs and fun stuff to do on Saturday I didn't have a plan/schedule with my wife as to when those things were going to get done.

6. I have been neglecting my desire to learn and gain knowledge (even just 15 minutes/day)

As soon as i realised those things and got my plan together (it was 2PM by this time) i felt great for the rest of the day.

It was almost as if a switch got flipped.

  • I was instantly not tired.

  • My grumpy mood lifted.

  • I enjoyed being around my kids.

  • I did the rest of the days chores with great Energy and a smile.

It didn't take much once I got there. But it was knowing that there was something that i could do about it in the first place that made the change.

I don't want to be in pain, grumpy, stiff, unhappy, certainly not with my kids around.

Sometimes the changes required are really simple - like drink more water dumbass!

Other times it's more complicated and requires treatment (chronic pain)

The health sprint for July has now closed and started today (13th July) join the next one by going here

But you can still get treatment 1-1 to get you going - that's £60/hr 

Or you can join the Restore, Retrain, Regain Movement - coaching and treatment group at £87/month (3+ hours of treatment and coaching to get your ducks in a row - and includes every health sprint I do from now on)

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