How to Master Change

4 levels of mastery

1. unconscious incompetence - you don't know how good you are at something - low energy required

2. conscious incompetence - you know that you've got a lot to learn - high energy requirement

3. conscious competence - a degree of being good at something but it still requires effort - high energy requirement

4. unconscious competence - you can practically do it with your eyes closed. - low energy requirement


As a baby, you are initially unconsciously incompetent at walking, you don't know what you don't know

As a toddler, you become consciously incompetent using tables, chairs and tools to help hold you up - takes a lot of energy! You'll fall, a lot!

Between 1 and 2 usually you'll develop into conscious competence - still needs work but almost automatic. It takes time and still some effort but you're decent at it.

Then 2 - 3 upwards you'll develop unconscious competence. autopilot mode switches on. Your brain wants this - it's easy, takes virtually no brain processing power.


We pick up different habits along the way. They get programmed into our auto-pilot mode.

They might be beneficial, they might not be.

Over time you've learnt how to sit, how to stand and move.

That has effected your muscles, which in turn effects your auto pilot mode for walking

and then injuries may begin to happen, chronic pain

  1. back pain

  2. knee pain

  3. headaches

  4. ankle problems

  5. tight and sore muscles

  6. everything else

Your auto-pilot is malfunctioning.

how to change, go back into stage 2 - conscious incompetence.

Reprogram, consciously change how you move.

This was one of the first things I learnt with the AMN Academy - how to improve someone's movement by re-engaging the brain into basic movements like squats.

Put someone back into learning mode, that's where neurological change happens.

That's how pain changes, that's how injuries get fixed.

Learn a different way to move.

I've now learnt how to change peoples programming from a physical viewpoint online.

If you're struggling with auto-pilot mode (it's where we ideally want to be but it might be malfunctioning) then get in touch email:

watch the video explanation here:

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