How to stop feeling like a failure.

Feeling like a failure.

5 key questions to stop feeling like a failure and the quick simple mind trick that means you will never fail again.

We have so many perceptions of life,

  • how it should be,

  • what other people expect of us,

  • what we expect of other people.

  • how to behave

  • how to act

  • where to be

  • what clothes to wear

  • what we should look like.

There's a lot of should, must, shouldn't, never do's - and you know what, they are other peoples perceptions, that you have learnt or have been forced upon you by common belief. Just because everyone else thinks so doesn't make it true. And if you think that too then it just became a whole load easier to feel like a failure

And when these things do not meet our expectations we are either disappointed or feel like a failure.


However, there is ONE easy way to change this.

A little trick of the mind.

You can see everything as a test, a try out, you get to do it over again and again.

Getting better every time.

There may be some occasions where we think that we have failed because it's a one off - like an exam.


But, what can we do so that we don't make the same errors again?

Look back, ask yourself:

  1. What did i knowingly do that didn't work?

  2. What did I knowingly do that made matters worse?

  3. What am I knowingly not doing (didn't do) that could have helped?

  4. What DID work well? How can I do more of that?

Once you start asking yourself these kinds of questions you will find that you are not failing, ever. And even if you feel like you did, you can always get better for the next time.

Question for you now, reply with your answer.

What am I knowingly doing that is causing me this feeling?

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