Love me Tender

Forgiveness of people who have seemingly wronged you can be tough to do. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider it, even if someone has really really done some and things to you.

  • It can improve relationships as you let go of grudges your attitude can change

  • improved mental wellbeing - you cease carrying around blame, and being a victim of circumstances

  • in turn this can decrease your stress and anxiety

  • which could decrease blood pressure

  • improve your Energy

  • make you happier and live for longer.

It's so easy to do even if it feels difficult. Start with someone you care about to get into the swing of things. Even though you love them they've probably done something to offend you at some point. Once you've cleared the easy targets move onto some of the bigger ones. maybe there was a bully (or bullies) at school. you got into a fight just because they were angry

road rage got passed over for promotion multiple times - forgive your bosses and the person who got promoted instead of you. watch the video - please forgive the example I use. leave a comment, let me know what your thoughts are. All my love Pete

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