Manifesting, Law of Attraction and Health


One of the very first (modern) attempts at Law Of Attraction, even before Napoleon Hills - think and grow rich was Franz Mesmer.

He developed what we would now call hypnotism in the late 1700's

His focus seemed to be on healing the body from ailments using "animal magnetism" - the invisible bond between things - to correct problems found in the body.

Moving very swiftly into the late 1800's the healthcare field was torn between allopathic medicine (medication and surgery) and multiple other therapies including Chiropractic, Osteopathy and many other healing modalities.

The "others" often used similar principles to the law of attraction in their processes and treatments in allopathic medicine we might call this the placebo effect. Because of this problem many therapies died out, forced to stop practicing for lack of insurance and laws which prevented their practice.

So, many of the practitioners switched their focus.

Instead of using their skills for healing bodies they turned their focus on to changing peoples financial circumstances - which was a boom industry since forever.

There are thousands of books written about the Law of Attraction - I've read a fair few of them.

Whether they be more of a personal development twist, finance or health they all have the same elements to them.

It ALL works.

We find ourselves, in this modern world, "mesmerised" into ways of thinking - ways that keep us stuck in the way that things are. Believing that there is no way out, afraid, nervous, timid

Following the crowds, unable to escape - forced to follow the general thinking of the time.

TV, media, social media, peer pressure, expectation, what we learnt as a child, our engrained behaviours, keeping up with the Jones', society and the latest trends keep us glued to thinking and behaving in the way that we are trained to do.

The Law Of Attraction is about breaking free from those bonds, the hypnotised state that we find ourselves in.

So that we can re-hypnostise ourselves for a different version of ourselves.

One that is healthier, stronger, more independent, financially better off, HAPPIER. The beauty of it is that you can do it all and it's relatively cheap.

It takes some time, that's fine - it might even take years but getting started, developing the practice can begin today. do yourself a huge favour if you're reading this. Go and buy a book on the Law Of Attraction - literally any of them (a modern one is probably better, they are more to the point than works like think and grow rich) Meditate - Visualise - Create the Vision Boards - See yourself in the future that you desire - See the new version of you that's there - start making the changes - trust your instincts and intuition - tell people to f off - don't be afraid anymore. PRACTICE Hypnotise yourself to be WHO you want to be. If you want help with that, set you on the right path send me an email to

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