Power Vs Responsibility

With Great power comes great responsibility.

The great responsibility comes great power.

Personal Relationships, Partners, kids, colleagues, staff, people you manage and your managers.

Many of these struggles come because we are not willing (or scared to) hand over responsibility.

The Person you're not handing responsibility to will then feel powerless.

  • They'll kick back,

  • misbehave,

  • be "lazy",

  • underperform

  • not meet your expectations.

Now - this all depends on age and experience.

I wouldn't give a 2 year old a sharp knife and ask them to make dinner.

But I could ask them to help load and unload the dishwasher.

I wouldn't ask a graduate on the first day of a new job to do exactly what you could do after 10-15 years worth of experience.


You must give them things that they are capable of doing,

things that are slightly ABOVE what they are currently capable of. With guidance they will achieve ever greater things.

In the end, once you have expanded their horizons, through teaching, coaching and praise you will have a capable employee, child, partner.

  • Who willing does stuff for you.

  • Who is instilled with a sense of pride for becoming greater than they were.

  • Who will seek out challenges

  • Who will take work willing off you at a later date

They will fulfil their POWER and take RESPONSIBILITY

It won't be easy (we're in deep with this with a 4 and 2 year old) but it is my responsibility to give them power. With that power, they will TAKE responsibility from me.

Leaving me time and Energy to do other things.

Same can be said for Coaching - a coach who does everything for his client is an employee not a coach. They will both end the relationship with disappointment. The client who doesn't do the work feels like a failure The coach who does the work for the client feels like a failure They both blame each other

Replace the word coach with Manager, Parent and Child, Husband and Wife (or any combination of 2 people who are in a relationship with each other)

It works in business, it works at home, it SHOULD work in every relationship you have.

How can you give responsibility and NOT do everything for everyone (and end up feeling like SH1T, underappreciated, and powerless) even though it's often easier and quicker just to do it all.

Go forth and GIVE power by GIVING responsibility

You will receive much more in return. What you believe you Create - Abracadabra Pete

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