Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

No Pills, No Supplement, No medication way to self treat restless leg syndrome

In less than 30 seconds you can change restless leg syndrome forever. It all starts in your Brain. Restless leg is caused by an inner conflict - "not being able to move" "feeling stuck" "unable to get away" Which might not be a current feeling in any part of your life. But it might have been true when you first started getting symptoms. Restless Leg is your Brain attempting to get away from a threat or negative situation that isn't really there. and all you want to do is: sit down, chill out, watch TV and go to bed to sleep. There's a break between what your Brain perceives and what you want to do. Brain says "RUN! there's danger" You say "F off, I'm watching TV, Why the hell are my legs doing this?" This conflict happens in the motor cortex of your Brain. Restless Leg may be affecting 1 or both legs, the process is the same. In the video below I show what to do if it's both legs but if it's the Right leg aim slightly to the left of centre on the head and vice-versa for Left leg.

The Homunculus - the mini you in your Brain

Through experimentation Brain Surgeons and Neuroscientists have "mapped" the Brain. They've discovered that we have a few maps printed into our grey matter. The one we're tapping into here is the "motor" map The motor strip (or motor map) is messages going out of the Brain to specific parts of the body. Each area of the motor strip talks to a specific part of the body. The legs and feet are in the top centre of the motor strip SO tap tap on there improves the communication between the legs and the Brain.

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Treatment - DO THIS.....

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