The Headache Secret

There are many reasons why you regularly get headaches.

I'll go over the ones you've probably already done first (and if you haven't it's a quick checklist for you)

  • Hydration - have I had enough water today? 2 liters minimum daily

  • Light - have I been staring at my screens for too long, do I need a break?

  • Caffeine - have I had too much caffeine today? (see hydration)

  • Movement - have I been sat too still for too long today?

  • Nutrition - Do certain foods trigger headaches for me? Have I eaten more than normal of those in the last day or 2? How are my guts right now? Nutrition is too Vast to cover here but could be the other thing to look at if you haven't considered it before.

  • Salt - have I been getting enough salt in my diet? (yep, low salts can lead to headaches, salt is GOOD for you)

Here's the BIG tip that you've likely never heard of in relation to headaches.

Secret #1

Foot massage

The White tissue in and around the meat is not all fat - thin layers of strong tissue wrap around each muscle keeping it in place, holding it's shape, providing support and structure
Plates Of Meat

Here's why. There is a tissue in your body called fascia. Fascia wraps up muscle, around bones, around organs ---> The White tissue you see here is mostly fat. What you can't see is the fascia, but it's there, wrapping around the entire piece of meat, running in between the muscles - Fascia keeps the muscles apart, lets them glide smoothly over one another, keeps their shape, provides structure, transfers minerals and nutrients. It connects everything to everything. It runs in sheets and layers - there are superficial (nearer the surface) and deep (around the organs and "hidden" muscles). Some of them run up and down, others "spiral" around from one side of the body to the other, others run fingertip to fingertip. One sheet runs from your eyebrows - over the top of your head and all the way down the back of your body to the soles of your feet and toes. Headaches often come with muscle tension

increased stress = increased muscle tension = increased chance of a headache the places we would usually look are the head, neck and maybe go as far as the upper back.

however, that's not the end of the story.

That Line of tissue runs all the way down the body.

Kings Cross Station

If Kings Cross station were to experience a major event (Cause) then all the trains in the network going that way, to and from it, would have to stop or get delayed (symptoms). Your upper back and neck are on the same train line - they are experiencing delays but the problem isn't really there. (Symptoms) The headache is the symptom of further delays even further up the line. IF the headache isn't resolved by having some water, a walk, some food (with salt on it) and it's going on for hours and days. Then you're almost certainly looking at a delay rather than the cause. Some relief might be had from working on the upper back and neck but the pain fairy will come back again in the night and you'll wake up with a stiff neck and back again. SECRET #2 there's no such thing as a pain fairy - your pillow and mattress don't beat you up in the middle of the night. Stop wasting money on fancy pillows, mattresses - they probably aren't the cause. What you do in the day, your habits and behaviors are much more likely to be the cause than your pillow is.

Muscle tension IS often the problem when it comes to headaches - just not always where we thought it was. If you're feet are very tender doing this, there's a very strong chance that this is linked to headaches - also back pain upper and lower. For more foam rolling for the rest of the body, subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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If there's one thing like headaches going on in your body on a regular basis, there's a good chance there are other things that need addressing too. Find out how I can help you best by booking that call p.s. the tip to sort out your headaches is in the video below - if you don't have a foam roller like I do below a large bottle filled with water will be a decent replacement (wrap it in a towel so it isn't so slidy)

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