Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Perhaps the most common job interview question of all time.

I'm not talking about work though, I'm talking about your health.

What is your health like right now?

What do you want it to be like in 5 years?

The same, better or do you expect it to be worse.

I don't have a 5 year plan for my health, I have a 50 year plan

I already know what I want to look and feel like when I'm in my 80's.

I already know what I want my body to be able to do

and now, I am taking the actions required to do that.

I see too many young people (and by young I mean under 50) who are already sick, on lifelong medications and are doing very little about changing it.

I can only assume that they think it's impossible or they are waiting for some miracle medication, surgery or supplement to come about and cure them.

how long are you willing to wait?

I know i'm not (anymore) I was waiting for years for my body to just get better on it's own. I didn't really change anything about my lifestyle, habits.

I was young(er) fitter and supposedly healthier but I was in pain everyday, getting slower and slower. Struggling more and more every day, week, month and year.

If I hadn't got a grip on it myself I don't know how I'd be feeling right now. Probably crap

and with another 50+ years of life to go (barring significant accidents) I didn't want to feel that way.

There's lots of things you can do to improve your health.

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Earthing

  • Being out in nature

  • Socialising

  • decreasing and/or eliminating bad habits

  • getting regular treatment or some kind

  • mental/psychological work

  • much more

when you join Beyond Pain I can teach you about all of these things and more. We will drill down to what is most important for you to address first.

The focus is on treatment first - that's the thing I'm brilliant at.

Then I give you the tools and steps to take on other habits and behaviours that will enhance your health and your life.

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