Why Don't I get Better?

Health is a complex thing. When you've been diagnosed with a condition, whatever their diagnosis is, there are countless people who don't get better. Why?? There are many reasons. Here's a few: A diagnosis is asking the question - does this person fit this set of symptoms? Every Person is a different Person - no one person is exactly like another, even twins You're treated as a condition, not as a person. We focus on the diagnosis not the symptoms - more importantly, the person is often ignored - thoughts, emotions as well as what a test will show up. When you don't consider the whole person, progress from a condition can either be slow or non-existent (maybe it's cured but returns) because the underlying causes haven't been dealt with. To me this is a question of Voltage. Where your body has low voltage consistently, for long periods of time, you'll struggle to recover. Cells will not rebuild efficiently, DNA won't copy well, leaving you with inefficient Energy production. When we break the body down into what it REALLY is all about it ends up being about voltage. Not vitamins, Not Minerals, Not Carbs, Not Fats, Not Proteins - but the information they contain in the form of Voltage and frequency is what really counts.

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