You can't always get what you want

NOT TRUE! Because the thing is, as weird as this sounds, you ALWAYS have EXACTLY what you want. You get to choose what you want in life, you get to pick. That's what true power is, it's understanding the power in the responsibility of taking that on. Here's something that came up for me when I was thinking about nutrition but it can be applied to anything in life. What do you think is healthy food to eat? Eat that. What do you think is unhealthy food to eat? Don't eat that Make a list of all of the healthy foods that you can think of, Make a list of all of the unhealthy foods that you can think of. Is losing weight hard or easy? Is keeping it off hard or easy? You get to make this decision - you can think one way or the other. Through belief you will prove it to yourself. This needs to be your true belief, never mind science right now. No doubt you've "learned" a lot of what is good or bad for you through reading different books, seeing different stuff online, talking with friends or acquaintances.

Use that knowledge and your experiences already to make your lists. If you eat 90% of the foods on your healthy list and 10% of foods on your unhealthy list then it is highly likely. Do the same for drinks.

People might tell you you are wrong. BUT if this list is your TRUE belief then you will get the results you are looking for. Whether that's weight loss, weight gain, changing body composition. here's a video explaining it a bit better.


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