Interwoven, intertwined and interconnected

Your body is much like a tree - you have roots, a main trunk, branches and leaves - brain, torso, arms and legs.

That tree also has many things inside it - layers of growth, seeds, other animals, and many inner workings - bone formation, digestion, gut bacteria, organs, glands, muscles etc.

The roots are interwoven as are the branches and order is formed in the trunk - the brain the roots and the branches are the muscles, glands, organs, veins - order is in the spine (trunk)

The main thing you can see on a tree is the leaves - you can see if they are green and healthy or if they are brown and wilting. In you, we can see the skin - we can see if there is a cut, scar or problem with movement.

We also have the ability to verbally communicate - talking - "ouch that hurts".

This is where a problem lies - we get distracted by "ouch" when what we really should be looking for are the wilting leaves on the other side or the rotting branch on the inside - btw, your guts aren't rotting and your heart isn't falling apart, but they can give us a sign.

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