Are You So Busy You Never Stand Up

Would you believe it? You almost certainly fall into the category of sitting at the office for 8+ hours, commuting for another 2 only to get home and sit some more.

That's at least 13 hours a day of sitting (or mostly sitting) only to go to bed for 7 - 8 hours- this leaves 3-4 hours or so for "activity" - washing, eating, chores, gym?

If this is you, join the club, there are millions of people who do this everyday, every week, for 30+ years - you may not be there yet but someday, you probably will be!

No wonder our bodies are knackered, we're ill all of the time, in constant nagging pain.

Immobility and lack of movement combined with exercises, when we do exercise, that move us in very limited ways e.g. squat, running, deadlift, cycling etc, are all contributing to this.

Fear Not young reader - 'tis not all doom and gloom, for I, Pete "Retrain Pain" Houchin is here to fix you.

If you have a bad back and tight hips then here's a tip for you to help you get moving again.

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