Hold Hands and Relieve Pain

Do you have a loved one in pain?

If you do, there is one simple thing that you can do to help them out of pain

Hold Hands

Gibbon Hugging

If you think about it, we have done this naturally for millenia, even animals do it too.

Remember when you fell and grazed your knees as a kid and one of your parents would come over, give it a bit of a rub and you felt better - less pain - happier?

Science has shown that simply holding a loved ones hand can help to remove feelings of pain.

Being close to each other and touching synchronised Brain and Heart patterns between the pairs in the experiment.

The researchers hypothesised that:

"Interpersonal touch may blur the borders between self and other,"


"Empathetic touch can make a person feel understood, which in turn -- according to previous studies -- could activate pain-killing reward mechanisms in the brain."

Personally, from what I have experienced as a therapist and being treated by a range of other therapists, I know that healing can come from being in contact with someone, from having the intention to heal, help and take away pain from someone else.

The methods that I use are usually reliant on touch, and as I delve deeper down into the rabbit hole of quantum physics/biology I have come to realise that we are more interconnected than we think. Than science even believes possible currently.

You don't always need expensive treatments to relive pain - sometimes just a hand or a hug from a loved one.

But if you do want to accelerate your pain loss journey, get in touch, send me a message and I will get back to you. HERE


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