3 simple things to improve your mood

In today's video - Prince Ea - "YouTuber" - will talk about Mental Health and wellness.

Towards the end of the video - I encourage you to watch all 6 minutes or so - he will take you through a very simple technique that will help you to improve your mood whenever and wherever you are.

It's quite a profound message that he delivers. I think.

It's unbelievably simple.

Your mind tells you a story about what it understands from the external senses - sight, sound, smell etc.

It then also uses the sensory information from within your body to mix together with your external senses to build a "full" picture of what is happening right now.

It's the story that you tell yourself, from that information and previous experience, that predicts the future.

If you tell yourself the story that you are inflexible - it's because you haven't done what a flexible person does.

If you tell yourself the story that you are depressed/sad - you will become depressed and sad.

If you tell yourself that you are weak - you will be weak.

If you tell yourself to be HAPPY - you can smile, think a happy thought, breathe and be happy.

Your Brain only really understands what is happening at this very moment - your thoughts and consciousness try to predict the future based on what has happened to you before and therefore what is "likely" to happen.

So, whenever we try to push our thoughts into predicting the future, it could be wrong, it could be wright but it is only a prediction.

What I'm really trying to say though is that you can affect what your Brain understands now.

You can do that simply by smiling, breathing and having a happy thought - it only takes a minute.

Something Else you can do.

A gratitude diary - A simple notebook, at the end of the day I write down 3 things that I have succeeded at or that I am happy for in my life that day.

It might be that a friend has sent me a message and thought of me, it could be that I've helped a particularly challenging client or that I've done something new that I was scared or nervous abut before. It really doesn't matter what it is that you are grateful or thankful for - simply write it down and think about them for a moment before bed. Simply smile, be happy and good things are more likely to appear for you.


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