Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

It has recently come to my attention that wheat - more specifically the Gluten Proteins - also found in rye, barley and some other grains is not only bad for people with Coeliac Disease but also pretty much for anyone that is alive.

The biggest trouble with this is that many people for breakfast have cereal.

I understand why. Getting pots and pans out at 5:30 in the morning so that you can have a cooked breakfast, have a shower, get yourself dressed and not look like you've been rolling around in a barn all night is time consuming.

Then you've got kids to get ready.


TIME is PRECIOUS - an extra 15 minutes in bed, SLEEPING is incredibly valuable.


How do you get a good, gluten free breakfast that doesn't take ages to prepare?

Something that you can take with you to work without resorting to Gluten at your desk (or even sandwiches and bread at lunch)

I'll go into detail on Gluten and how bad it is for you another day. Today I want to very quickly give you some ideas for breakfast - start your day right and the rest of your day can follow along the same awesome track.


1. Scrambled Eggs

Very quick and easy to make, even quicker to eat. This recipe includes some excellent fat and calcium sources that will help keep you fuller for longer without the need for any carbohydrate.


2. Sweet potato toast

simply slice up a large sweet potato lengthways to about 0.5 cm thick. Place in the toaster for 5 minutes (or so) - add your favourite toppings - avocado, guacamole,

nut butters. We want to add some fats and proteins onto your toast and ideally some greens.

A few more ideas here:


3. Overnight oats

A slimming world favourite of my Wife and this takes no time at all in the morning - you prep it the night before. Add your oats - around 30 - 40 grams per may want to up this if you aren't wanting to lose weight - to a yoghurt, I prefer greek yoghurt for the fat content and it has fewer flavourings added (which are usually bad for you), to that you're going to need to add some whole milk to loosen it up and allow the oats to soak up some fluid.

It would be pretty hard to eat without the milk.

Spice it up a little with a dash of cinnamon - a natural sweetener that IMPROVES Insulin sensitivity (that's good for your blood sugar levels)

Use whole, organic oats where possible - they aren't that much more expensive - you'll find you will need to eat less because it will keep you fuller for longer.

Add some fresh/frozen berries or some nuts - ensure you put these in overnight too.

Hope this has given you a few simple quick ideas to get rid of Gluten from your breakfast table. Sweet Potato Toast and Overnight oats can easily be carried with you to work too so that you can practice your Intermittent Fasting too. I'll go into that another time too.

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