Are you acidic?

Do you want to be in less pain? Better able to fight off infection, inflammation, injury and illness?

I hope the answer is yes, because who wants all of those things?!

Your Electric Body

Electricity flows from areas of high concentration to low concentration to balance things out - like a battery. A battery holds high numbers of electrons. It passes it's energy onto something within an electrical circuit that is low in electrons so that it can work.

Our cells - skin, organs, nerves etc - are all like mini batteries.

Each one is either has enough electrical charge and works well or not enough electrical charge are requires more energy from somewhere.

This is why we eat, get sunshine and do things we enjoy. It gives our cells energy.


pH - believe it or not - is another way of expressing voltage. With a pH of 7 = 0 volts.

pH's lower than 7 are acidic (0-7), pH's higher than 7 are alkaline (7-14)

On this scale a pH of 0 = 400mV and pH 14 = -400mV

Well, you can't do much with 0 Volts, nothing really happens there.

We need either a positive charge or a negative charge to make things happen.

To make our cells work, overall, we need a negative voltage of between 20 and 25 mV.

For our cells to repair, when you have an injury, we need a negative voltage of 50mV (in that area)

This means, we need to have a predominance of alkaline foods to keep our body in an alkaline state to fix and repair the damage that we may have caused just through living.

What can you do?

Changing to a more alkaline diet could be the place to start. Although, you do need acidic foods in your diet to provide you important building blocks for overall health.

Acidic Foods: All Meats, Dairy, fish, grains, carbonated drinks

Alkaline Foods​: Virtually all vegetables, fruits, nuts, nut oils and beans

How your body works

For the body to work properly, you need an acidic STOMACH - this kills bacteria and prevents infection getting into your body from your food.

To get and keep an acidic stomach, you need to eat foods that are alkaline.

This may seem backwards but hear me out.

When you put high amounts of alkaline into the acid of the stomach, it begins to neutralise it - taking it from a pH of around 2 up more towards pH 3 to 4.

Your body, being the marvel that it is, recognises that and then it begins to PRODUCE more acid for the stomach. Therefore, keeping acid in your stomach regular bacteria killing machine that it is.

Another nifty thing happens next.

Your body also recognises that it is producing Acid, the Pancreas then gets kicked into gear to produce a neutralising solution. T

his is so that the munched up, chewed and partially digested food from the stomach doesn't enter the delicate Small Intestine at super high Acid levels - which would destroy the lining of the gut wall.

So, after you've produced a load of acid, the body can then reverse the process just after the stomach to prevent "burning" the Small Intestine.

By eating a diet of high alkaline foods you can:

  1. INCREASE stomach acid (this is good).

  2. KILL bacteria that could harm you

  3. DECREASE your voltage to improve cell health (repair and rejuvinate - again, this is good)

Biggest take aways

  • Eat more vegetables and fats - make them the first thing on your plate that you eat.

  • Eat your Protein second

  • Eat your Carbohydrates third - think white starchy things here - keep these low

  • Simply by increasing the alkaline foods in your daily eating you can increase your body's innate ability to heal itself.

  • The strong emphasis here is eating a healthy, balanced diet, free from too much processed foods.

It might not be the answer to everything, but I'm sure it will help if you are suffering

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