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AS ever, I've trawled through the nonsense that's out there to bring you a few stories from the world of health in the news this week and to give you my brief outlook on them.

Have a scan though and see if any of them pique your interest. Don't miss my fave #3, it's a bit of a nugget ;-)

Eating late, Blood Sugar and Sleep

Some of my favorite topics health related all wrapped up in one article. If you consume 30% of your daily calories after sunset (6pm) in this study then you are at higher risk of increased Blood Sugar which in turn affects sleep, when you don't sleep great, guess what you ain't caffine! HINT - it's more SUGAR.

What's the best diet for your heart Health

Mediterranean, Keto or Vegan diets are considered here. A nice balance across all 3 different diets with a general consensus that, to me, is unsurprising. Which one would you choose?

Why do we need a "poo library"?

Not quite the words they use in the article but in essence, that's what they're doing. Why they are doing this is to protect the gut microbiome. We keep on killing off species of bacteria from our guts whenever we take anti-biotics. Rebuilding that microbiome after a course of antibiotics is of vital importance to our health. Having a library of poo on ice will protect the genetic make up of our gut so that they can one day be repopulated if needed. Wonderful work guys.

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