Are you YOU or your symptoms?

Every day I see people who are in pain, they have been to see Doctors, Physiotherapists, Surgeons, had MRI, X-Ray, cameras shoved up and down every available tube and still they have aches and pains, stomach conditions, injuries that just won't go away despite all of the best efforts.

It makes me think that perhaps something is wrong with how you are being looked at.

You have been to your doctor, you've described your symptoms, let's say it's constant re-flux and acid burn that's been going on for months. You've already self medicated but that has stopped working. Now you're on another medication to try for 6 weeks. You go back to the Doctor for a repeat prescription because, for now, the medication is working. You hardly get any re-flux.

Dr Google, Doctor Google

After 3 months the drugs stop working, the re-flux is back and it's even worse than it was before you were on the medication. You return to your GP once again and get a different medication.

Again, this works for a few months but the re-flux returns again. This time, you have to take time off work because you're so poorly. You get sent for a scan to check what's going on in your stomach. The process continues going to yet more appointments for scans, results, consultations taking more time off of work for each appointment.

By now, you've been suffering daily for months.

Now it's really affecting your life, struggling with work and every meal fills you with dread because you know there is going to be pain.

What hasn't happened in that whole time?

Did anyone talk to you about diet? Did they explain the function of your stomach?

The stomachs purpose is to BE highly acidic so that it can kill bacteria that can upset your stomach and gut. Acid is also meant to be high so that you can break down food into it's smallest components - simple sugars, fats and amino acids (protein).

The muscles that control entry and exit of the stomach are like any other muscle in your body. They are reactive, they sense their environment. They NEED the right signal to do their job correctly.


Approximately 80% of information going to your brain comes from inside of you

heartburn, reflux

That signal comes from the acid itself. High stomach acid is the signal that closes the top muscles of the stomach preventing leak up (heartburn), when stomach acid drops it's a sign for the lower ring of muscle to open letting the chyme (partially digested food nuggets) into the duodenum - the start of the small intestine.

If acid is kept low through medication the top ring of muscle doesn't shut properly and the lower ring remains open.

Bacteria are then able to survive the stomach and enter into the lower portions of the gut leaving you open to bacterial gut infections. SIBO, IBS, Crohns, Collitis etc.

Your gut is responsible for extracting the majority of the nutrients from the food you are eating. If that is infected then you won't be able to do that efficiently then you may develop any number of other conditions.

90% of your immune system lives in and around the gut. If it is constantly on alert from every meal then it's no wonder that you also have an autoimmune condition because everything that you eat is a threat.

What can you do about it?

This isn't a post about how to heal yourself of re-flux because there are so many factors to consider. That being said, start with your diet. Eat more protein (fish, and white meats) and fat (olive oil, coconut oil, lard, butter etc) and minimise carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread). Eat a diet based on local foods, if you're in Britain, eat foods produced in Britain. If you're in America eat foods produced in America. Ideally these would be organic and non GMO, non processed. Fill your stomach with these things then think about coming off of your medication alongside your GP.

I wanted to show you that when looking purely at symptoms you are often blinded by the pain of the symptom and fail to look deeper for the cause of the issue. I have found that virtually all traditionally trained therapists fall into this bracket unfortunately. You are also trained to believe that "there's a pill for that".

It has become a vicious circle of short appointment times, Dr Google and becoming symptom focused rather than person focused treatment.

I treat people - you may come to me with knee pain but until we can address the cause of your knee pain (particularly if it's chronic and there is no obvious reason for it) that knee pain will either just keep on returning or never fully go away.

Through my treatment process I am looking for causes within your body (because unfortunately it's usually all your fault, whether you know it or not) checking for what systems, emotions and other systems are involved. Once a fuller picture has evolved then the treatment can really begin.

You could start by reading my book ---->

Or if you really want a kick start in the right direction, email me

There's a saying I like.

"if you aren't willing to give up the things that made you sick then you are never going to bet better"

we need to find out what that thing is because sometimes it isn't obvious. If you don't know what to give up and then start doing then healing can be slow. I want to speed that up for you and give you direction on what you can do.

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